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Dixon Single Bass Drum Pedal PPK900

  • Driven System
  • Double Chain CAM Driven System
  • Hoop Clamp Adjust
  • Easy Adjusting Click Pole
  • Beater Angle Adjust
  • Dixon Patented Chain Roller Adjust
  • Beater Balancer
  • Dixon Patented Beater Balancer
  • Beater Faces
  • Dual Faces
  • Stabilizer
  • Stabilizer Platform with Built-In Spurs

Drum Shell Cutting


We can cut your existing drum shells to your desired depth to help you create the unique sounds you are looking for. Take an old drum and give it new life as a smaller drum or just get your bearing edges cleaned up!

• Shell cutting – $20.00 per shell

Hardware removal/replacement, bearing edges and re-installation of re-rings are an additional cost.

Foot Operated Snare Drum Package


This complete foot operated snare drum package includes everything needed for the foot operated snare including our patented Snare Kick Riser Stand, Gibraltar Pedal, Drumstick Beater and a 6″ x 14″ Snare Drum by Side Kick Drums made of quality Keller maple shells, Evans heads and nice hardware. Add our Skinny Bass Drum and you’ve got a complete foot operated drums kit. Handcrafted in the U.S.A.