The “Slinger” Nesting Drum Set includes a 12″x18″ Bass Drum, a 10″x14″ Floor Tom, a 7″x10″ Ride Tom and a 6″x14″ Snare Drum. This compact drum kit offers the best in portability with the bass drum and the floor tom both easily detached in the middle to store or “nest” the other drums. The bass drum nest’s the floor tom and the floor nest’s the ride tom and the snare drum rest’s on top and they all fit inside the 18″ x 18″ soft case (included) well protected.  And it looks pretty awesome to boot! If you don’t want the wrap on the inside, no problem we’ll throw in the case for free. These are pro drums which include Keller maple shells, die cast lugs, 2.3 mm triple flanged hoops 45% bearing edges and Evans heads. We also  offer this kit in a 12″ x 20″ bass drum if you prefer. Available colors are Red Mahogany , ebony or burnt orange stain and clear maple finish. Just specify in the order notes your finish preference. People are raving about the great sound and high portability of our drum sets, so get yours now!