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The product that started it all. Our one of a kind, patented, foot operated snare drum: the Snare Kick Riser Stand.

The Snare Kick Riser Stand is the perfect solution to turn any standard 13″ or 14″ snare drum into a foot operated snare drum. Why, you ask? If you’re a one-man band, solo artist, gigging coffee house musician, acoustic guitar player or even a drummer, this product is for you.
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At Side Kick Drums we make pro sounding compact drum kits for drummers gigging in tight spaces and small places.

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Great tone in a smaller size. See our line-up of Skinny Bass Drums, Travel Bass Drums and Custom Size Bass Drums.

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Be your own one man band with these Skinny Bass Drum and Foot Operated Snare Drum kits in a combo package.

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Foot operated drums for guitarists and compact drum kits for drummers.

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