Love the Snare Stand, simple yet effective design, robust construction, should provide decades of trouble-free service. Thanks for a quality American made product.

Joe Winters

I love the everything about Side Kick Drums; the aesthetics, portability, consistency and how easily they tune up. Having the ability to customize every option allows me to get the right instrument for the gig.

Justin Johnson

When I’m performing solo, I’m always looking for ways to make my live sound bigger. I love Sidekick drums because they are pro-quality drums that have been designed with the multi-instrumentalist in mind, making it easy to get the sound and feel of a drum kit, or percussionist, right at your feet.

Henk De Ruiter

I recently started using the Side Kick bass drum and snare with riser stand and I’m very satisfied with the quality of this set. The best foot drum set in use, tone and playability that I’ve used so far!

Aaron Zimmer

The Side Kick Drums Snare Riser has become absolutely crucial to my live rig. There is no other product on the market like it.

The Timbers

Jim from Side Kick Drums was outstandingly helpful to get my snare drum riser stand all the way to Australia! I use it at all my shows with The Timbers and always get comments and inquiries about the product! It has done wonders to our sound and is the perfect addition to our band! I…

Brandon Isaak

I’ve been a professional drummer out on the road for many years. I have also played guitar and fronted full on bands for over 20 years now. I\’m now touring as a one man modern blues act and I just love these Side Kick Drums. The bass drum is compact but still has a big…

Andrew Ellis

Side Kick Drums have been the answer to my one man band sound. Excellent tone, compact size, and great quality. Whether it’s an acoustic gig or playing a big stage, these drums handle it ALL. I used the drums last night for a bigger gig, and the tone was awesome! I used a vintage AKG…