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 Custom Drum Sets

At Side Kick Drums we make pro sounding compact drum kits for drummers gigging in tight spaces and small places.

 Snare Kick Riser Stand

Our patented Snare Kick Riser Stand is one-of-a-kind. Turn any standard snare drum into a foot operated snare drum.

 Bass Drums

Great tone in a smaller size. See our line-up of Skinny Bass Drums, Travel Bass Drums and Custom Size Bass Drums.

 Foot Operated Drum Kits

Be your own one man band with these Skinny Bass Drum and Foot Operated Snare Drum kits in a combo package.

From Our Musicians

  • Musician

    “I have not found another product that compares to the Side Kick Snare Riser. When it comes to a pedal driven snare, this is your only option.”

    Andrew Ellis, Musician
  • Musician

    “I love Sidekick drums because they are pro-quality drums that have been designed with the multi-instrumentalist in mind, making it easy to get the sound and feel of a drum kit, or percussionist, right at your feet.”

    Justin Johnson, Musician

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Portable acoustic foot drums and compact drum kits are perfect for one man bands, acoustic duos and more.